This version of our API is no longer supported. The new version is harder, better, faster, stronger. Read our blog post for specifics, then check out the v2 docs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.

Our API is designed to follow convention over configuration. This means that most things work as you’d expect. This documentation should help fill in the gaps. Get started:

  1. Get a handle on how to authorize requests.
  2. Search for offers.
  3. Make sure you track clicks and impressions correctly.

The other calls are mostly supplemental; come back to them at your leisure.

If you’re ever stuck, just email us. It’s been rumored that we’ve developed predictive technologies to respond before you can hit “send.” We can’t comment ;)

Rate Limiting

We limit requests to the API to 5,000 per hour for a user and 10,000 per hour for an IP address. This should be more than enough for any conceivable use case. We only rate limit requests to the API to prevent abuse from affecting performance for normal users. If you’re using the service normally and still hitting the rate limit please let us know.